Thursday, July 16, 2015

Miniature Tim is an Event Sponsor?!

No, you didn't read that wrong.  I've decided to broaden my horizons in the tabletop, RPG and board game gaming industry and begin marketing myself.  This is the first step in my journey to get my name and skills out to a larger audience, beyond just showing personal hobby work.  I want to start slow and not get in over my head.  After all I still have a full time job and a family, neither of which I want to, nor can, neglect.

So what am I sponsoring, and how?

As you all know, there's this little game I've dipped my toes in called Infinity.  Now if by "dipping my toes in" means that I've dove into the deep end of the pool, all the while drinking the Kool Aid, then that would be accurate.  This weekend I'm going to be at an Infinity event called…

The Midwest Massacre!  Held at Games Plus in Mt. Prospect IL, this weekend!

The Midwest Massacre is an ITS team tournament with a different spin to it.  Normally an Infinity Tournament is your standard pairings and rankings by wins/Objective Points.  A standard Team Tournament is the same thing, only it's teams of two, each bringing 150 points for a combined 300 and you play partnered with your teammate against another team.  Think of the Midwest Massacre as more of a…Wrestling Tournament. 

See, in a wrestling tournament you have a team, but everyone is in their own weight class and competes in their own weight class.  The Massacre is very similar.  Every team consists of 4 players all playing at different point levels, 150, 200, 300 and finally 400 points.  Each point bracket is run as a separate tournament per normal, and there will then be an overall team winner as well.  All in all this is a very unique and fun way to run an event that really stands out among the rest. 

The Midwest Massacre is run by John Sawicki and the Chicago Infinity crew, and they are doing an amazing job with it.  So much prize support, and the Swag Bags are going to be overflowing with so much that it would make Santa jealous.  I promise I'll be taking plenty of pictures and reporting on it next week.

So what am I doing in all this?  Well, originally I just designed the logo for the event.  Using that logo, John partnered with Alex Landing of Ironheart Artisans to get winners plaques, silhouette markers and all kinds of fun stuff that Alex is sponsoring the event with.  Then I used Captain Spud's Classified Deck files to put the logo I designed onto the card backs, and those are going in the bags as well.  John's also using the logo for custom event patches!

All in all, that's a good amount of work right there, right?  Not enough for me apparently...

I'm partnering with Black Sheep Industries to provide a full set of cut and etched acrylic templates and tokens for the bags as well!  Each participant will get all three templates needed for Infinity, as well as 10 25mm tokens, all of which I designed and branded with the Massacre logo.

Not a bad foray into sponsorship, eh?

This is just the beginning folks.  I've got a bunch of branding changes on the horizon for the Miniature Tim brand.  Yes, I said brand.  The blog won't be going anywhere, but I will be expanding it over the course of the next year and really pushing myself and showing the community and the industry both just what I can do.

I can't wait to take you all along for the ride!  Why?  Because without you helping make this blog a success, this wouldn't be possible.

- Tim


  1. That is freaking awesome Tim! Super psyched about this!

  2. Awesome. Good luck with it Tim :)

  3. Much appreciated you guys :) Like I said, I want to take it slow, but I'm determined to make this work.

  4. I would not be mad if there happen to be an extra swag bag laying around for someone who you are friends with and only bought in to Infinity because of you. :wink: :wink:

  5. Wow good luck Tim!

    And also congrats on totally calling the contents of the USAriadna box a few posts ago.

  6. Wow good luck Tim!

    And also congrats on totally calling the contents of the USAriadna box a few posts ago.

  7. Good stuff mate, you're definitely putting your best foot forward with the quality of the stuff you are designing and having made so far. Most excellent!