Thursday, December 5, 2013

Infinity: Hatail Spec-Ops Finished!

Rather than braving the mad dash at the stores during pre-Black Friday sales, Grey Thursday (what else are you supposed to call stores starting Black Friday shopping at 6pm on Thursday?), and the hellish Black Friday cacophony of madness itself last week, I enjoyed some time at home with family, a paint brush and my hobby.

In other words, I finished the Hatail Spec-Ops figure!

Picking up where we left off, I had a bit more work ahead of me to really make this figure shine.

First thing I did was continue the work on the armor pieces, using my mix of Flayed One Flesh and Baby Poop Wash, along with just straight Flayed One Flesh to blend out the shoulder, wrist and butt of the gun in his right hand. I know according to the picture it should be the same color as the rest of the gun, but I really wanted to break up that arm a bit. After that was done, I finished the coat and hood with another glaze, and brought the armor color into the two stripes on the edge of the hood.

Next, I blended up the red portions form my mixture of Khador Red Base and Parchment Wash to a 50/50 mix of that with Khador Red Highlight, then adding just a touch more highlight to that for the final stage on the face, coat, gun, and select pieces of armor. Again, not exactly according to the box art, but I like the pops of color it gives throughout the model. After that I took Cryx Bane Base and added a bit of Soft Body Black Wash to it, applying it in select sections of the legs and back to darken the bodysuit, and make the belt and accessories pop a bit more. I also lined the straps on the calves and thighs with a hint of color for leather strapping. I believe I used my armor colors with a touch of Agrax Earthshade mixed in for this.

Finally, I used Coelia Greenshade to glaze/blend (cause I did both) the tips of the rifle and handgun to mimic the effect shown on the box. I like the way it hinted at a type of energy built-up, and may have to explore this further when it comes to power weapons and like-styled weaponry across models.

Here is the finished figure!

I'm very pleased with how he came out. I'm also fairly excited at the new techniques I used on him, and already am planning a purchase for more Secret Weapon washes to use as a mixing base for future projects.

After a bit of good food, family, football and a tryptophan nap, I've had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving Holiday. Toss on top of that a successful first foray into the world of Infinity and 28mm painting, and I think I have quite a bit to be thankful for. How about all of you?

- Tim



  1. Wow. I think you really upped you game on this one!

  2. Very cool! Awesome paint job and really cool model too. I'm not familiar with Infinity -- I thought maybe he was some kind of super bad ass ninja turtle character!

  3. That is superlative work, Tim! Love the color scheme, and the red spot color really looks sharp. Great stuff, man!

  4. Are you selling this?! Name you price if so!

    1. I hate to disappoint, but this was a commission, and it's owner has it as a part of his Tohaa force.

      I do still do commissions, but I'm on a hiatus from them for the next two months to get previously committed work done. Let me know if you're interested!